XXVII. Friendship in Emblem


The Hearts thus intermixed speak
A Love that no bold shock can break:
For joyn’d and growing both in one,
Neither can be disturb’d alone.


That means a mutual Knowledge too;
For what is ‘t either Heart can doe,
Which by its panting Centinel
It does not to the other tell?


That Friendship Hearts so much refines,
It nothing but it self designs:
The Hearts are free from lower ends,
For each point to the other tends.


They flame, ’tis true, and several wayes,
But still those Flames do so much raise,
That while to either they incline
They yet are noble and divine.


From smoke or hurt those Flames are free,
From grosness or mortality:
The Heart (like Moses Bush presumed)
Warm’d and enlightned, not consumed.


The Compasses that stand above
Express this great immortal Love;
For Friends, like them, can prove this true,
They are, and yet they are not, two.


And in their posture is exprest
Friendship’s exalted Interest:
Each follows where the other leans,
And what each does each other means.


And as when one foot does stand fast,
And t’other circles seeks to cast,
The steddy part does regulate
And make the Wandrer’s motion straight:


So Friends are onely two in this,
T’reclaim each other when they miss;
For whosoe’re will grosly fall,
Can never be a Friend at all.


And as that useful Instrument
For Even lines was ever meant;
So Friendship from good Angels springs,
To teach the world Heroick things.


As these are found out in design
To rule and measure every Line;
So Friendship governs actions best,
Prescribing unto all the rest.


And as in Nature nothing’s set
So just as Lines in Number met;
So Compasses for these b’ing made,
Do Friendship’s harmony persuade.


And like to them, so Friends may own
Extension, not Division:
Their Points, like Bodies, separate;
But Head, like Souls, knows no such fate.


And as each part so well is knit,
That their Embraces ever fit:
So Friends are such by destiny,
And no third can the place supply.


There needs no Motto to the Seal:
But that we may the mind reveal
To the dull Eye, it was thought fit
That Friendship onely should be writ.


But as there are Degrees of bliss,
So there’s no Friendship meant by this,
But such as will transmit to Fame
Lucasia and Orinda‘s name.


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