About this Anthology

18thConnect project that aggregates scholarship in eighteenth-century literature and culture online. Most of the other texts have been taken from the Text Creation Partnership’s collection of edited texts drawn from the Eighteenth-Century Collection Online and Early English Books Online. In some cases we are using a Project Gutenberg or other existing text, with the intention of replacing it with something more authoritative eventually. We annotated these texts with an eye to providing information that a general reader would find useful. And, where possible, we have provided supplemental material–pictures, sound files, background information–to enable readers and students to put these works in the context of the period in which they were written. The site is designed to be used on any computer or handheld digital device. Readers can make their own annotations, comments, and ask questions using the hypothes.is plug-in, which is already active on this site.

This site has been produced in WordPress, which has the virtue of being open-access software that is well-supported by a large community of users and thus should be sustainable for the foreseeable future. Eventually, we will produce a WordPress theme that will allow users to construct their own anthology or reading list from the collection of works in this archive.

General Editor:

John O’Brien, Department of English, The University of Virginia