A Retir’d Friendship

XXII. A retir’d Friendship, to Ardelia.

  1. Come, my Ardelia, to this Bower,
    Where kindly mingling Souls awhile
    Let’s innocently spend an hour,
    And at all serious follies smile.

Here is no quarrelling for Crowns,
Nor fear of changes in our Fate;
No trembling at the great ones frowns,
Nor any slavery of State.

Here’s no disguise nor treachery,
Nor any deep conceal’d design;
From Bloud and Plots this place is free,
And calm as are those looks of thine.

Here let us sit and bless our Stars,
Who did such happy quiet give,
As that remov’d from noise of Wars
In one anothers hearts we live.

Why should we entertain a fear?
Love cares not how the World is turn’d:
If crouds of dangers should appear,
Yet Friendship can be unconcern’d.

We wear about us such a charm,
No horrour can be our offence;
For mischief’s self can doe no harm
To Friendship or to Innocence.

Let’s mark how soon Apollo’s beams
Command the flocks to quit their meat,
And not entreat the neighbouring Springs
To quench their thirst, but cool their heat.

In such a scorching Age as this
Who would not ever seek a shade,
Deserve their Happiness to miss,
As having their own peace betray’d.

But we (of one anothers mind
Assur’d) the boisterous World disdain;
With quiet Souls and unconfin’d
Enjoy what Princes wish in vain.


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